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Your Heritage Puppy...

At Heritage Puppies, we have taken great care to ensure that your puppy is a happy puppy, and will be healthy for years to come. The most common questions we receive about our puppies are those asking about where their puppy was born, how it got to the store, etc. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a quick history about your current or future Heritage Puppy. For more in depth answers to your questions, please visit our FAQ’s page.

Your puppy started life being born here at Heritage Puppies, or at one of our approved kennels in the local area. Your breeder is USDA and state licensed, and regularly inspected by those agencies, as well as ourselves. We know every breeder we buy from, and visit each to make sure that all of their dogs are properly cared for and doing well.

Your puppy was born in a safe, supervised environment that has a licensed veterinarian on call 24 hours a day should there be any complications during birth. The health of mom always comes first! Mom will care for your puppy until around six weeks old, when the litter is weaned. After weaning, your puppy will stay with us another two to four weeks. This gives your puppy time to further socialize with people and other puppies, and to grow nice and strong before leaving here. We will give all the vaccinations and worming medicines that your puppy needs, and watch carefully for any signs of a health problem.

At the beginning of week eight your puppy will be will be carefully checked by our vet who has over 25 years experience. He will check the ears, eyes, teeth, lungs, heart, hips and knees for any problems. Only if your puppy is in perfect health will he be considered ready for travel.

A few days later, when your puppy is about ready to go to bed for the night, we will carefully put him into a cozy travel carrier (just like the kind you would use), and place him into our minivan. Just like children do, your puppy will fall asleep shortly into the ride. Two people always go with – one to drive and one to keep an eye on the puppies. Your puppy will sleep on and off through the night (mostly sleep), and by morning he or she will be delivered safety to the pet store, having endured as little stress as possible.

Once your puppy arrives at the store it will be time for another vet check. The store veterinarian will check all the same things that our veterinarian does – so your puppy has now had two independent checks to verify its health, and is all ready for a new home.

While your puppy waits for you to come along and bring it home, it will get lots of attention from the store staff as well as customers. All of this puppy and people socialization will really help when your puppy gets introduced to your family, friends, and other dogs.

Your store personal will be happy to help you in getting your supplies – kennels, toys, treats, collars, and more are all needed for your new puppy. Many of the stores even have a vet clinic right inside, and you can make your first check up appointment before you even leave the store. Best of all, your support does not end when you leave the store! If you have any questions or concerns about you puppy at some point after the sale, simply stop in or call your store manager for assistance.

If you already have your Heritage Puppy we thank you, and would love to hear from you from time to time. Your feedback helps us to do a better job, and we just love seeing our dogs in loving homes!

If you’re still thinking about that puppy purchase then please take your time. Nobody should spend the kind of hard earned money that you are considering spending on a puppy without putting some serious thought into it. We believe that once you compare your local options you will find that a Heritage Puppy is a very good choice to make, and you can rest assured that we have done all we can to make sure that you never regret that decision. We fully expect that you will have many happy years to look forward to with your new family member!